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Video Editing

Post-Production Services for a Polished Project

Have you found yourself with a pile of raw footage that needs to become a flawless masterpiece? Luckily for you, our suite of post-production services are here to save the day. We can rearrange your filmed video segments to create a complete, finished video that you’ll be proud to broadcast.

Post-production can be as simple as removing content from raw footage or as complex as colour correction, audio correction, storytelling, adding text and transitions and creating powerful motion graphics. If you require professional post-production, Stanley & Morph can make it happen.

Professional editing makes all the difference

Choosing which takes to use in your video might seem like a simple task, but the truth is, an editor will make hundreds of creative decisions during the editing process. It goes beyond selecting which shots to use and leave out, to finalising the sound composition of each scene, as well as what colour grading and colour correcting is required. One lot of footage can be edited together in countless different ways, and it will tell a different story each time. That’s the power of video editing, and why choosing the right video editor is so important.

Highly produced online content

More and more businesses are introducing online video content to boost their online presence, from highly produced content to fast but polished media. We can produce a video that is shorter, sharper and more compelling, giving you better results on your social media platforms. All you need to do is hand over the footage, and we will take care of the rest. Our in-house editors work tirelessly to create amazing content, working closely with you when changing and tweaking your video to ensure we reach perfection.

Corporate video editing

Corporate video content needs to be sleek, polished and professional to convey an accurate message or image of your brand. It’s important not to go overboard with transitions and special effects, which can easily distract from the overall message. Stanley & Morph’s Video Production Company Melbourne & video editors know exactly how to put together a corporate video that’s memorable, without being over-the-top. With subtle perfectionism, strict attention to detail and a whole lot of passion, we strive to deliver the best result possible.

Video editing Melbourne wide

Stanley & Morph is a Melbourne-based video production and editing company that is dedicated to creative story-telling. Our experienced editors are some of the best in the industry, who know exactly how to bring a video concept to life. If you have footage you need seamlessly edited together to tell your story, or if you’re interested in professional video product, then we can help. We take as much pride in cutting our films as we do in shooting them.