360 VR

It’s no secret that the future of media production lies in the 360 video and virtual reality space. There is no other technology that comes close for it’s impact on the senses and emotions of the viewer. Whether it just be the thrill of the ride, or as a simulated training program, Stanley & Morph can provide high impact, professional virtual reality and 360 immersive content that will move your audience to the next level.

Stanley & Morph is a professional video agency in Melbourne that creates 360 VR video content for companies, corporations and brands. Using the latest technology, we create 360 VR videos for training, entertainment and streaming purposes.

Creating content for VR is an exciting space to be playing in. Production is constantly changing and evolving. We’re at the forefront of this exciting revolution by creating professional 360 video content for an array of industries.
Most recently, we have embarked on an exciting project with a tech startup company in Melbourne who are designing apps for the health industry. Working alongside them, and utilizing our own agency, we have created immersive training simulations and content for students studying to become healthcare professionals.

This process has lead us to understand the benefits of creating immersive training simulations for companies and corporations who operate in industries including health, finance and training. Working alongside app developers, we have created a ‘choose your own adventure’ virtual reality experience. In this situation, a student is fully immersed in the action via a virtual reality headset. This could be a headset like the oculus or as simple as google cardboard. Using the headset, students stream the simulation, before being presented with multiple choice questions. Depending on the students answer, they will be directed to the next scene. The next scene may see an escalation or de escalation of the simulation based on the students response. The benefits of the immersive 360 VR videos are that the student must answer in real time whilst they are under pressure from an upset customer or client to whom they are providing a service.

During this process, we have been lucky enough to work with experts and professionals in creating and delivering the content for the simulations. They have allowed us to work with agency, tenacity and creativity whilst creating the 360 VR video production.

Stanley & Morph is a professional 360 VR video company with the vision and know-how to take the needs of companies and provide them with exceptionally high quality, professional 360 VR Video content. If your brand is ready to take the next step in technological marketing, then drop our company a line! We’ll get to work with you on creating a vibrant, professional 360 VR Video production.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding your next professional 360 VR video production, to create streaming content. We have experts and professionals waiting to assist you with content creation, streaming or other simulated production.