Stanley & Morph, with its offices in Melbourne as well as Sydney is best Video Production Company Melbourne. It offers a full range of post production services. From the most simple of footage reviews, to the creation of complex visual effects. We can offer a professional solution for projects of any size.  Post-production can be as simple as removing content from raw footage. Or a well thought out montage or as complex as colour correction, audio correction, subtitling, adding text and transitions or creating powerful motion graphics. If you require professional post-production, Stanley & Morph is your one stop shop.

Our editors, are well adept at reviewing footage and being able to find the special moments. This can transform your project from a simple story well told to a heart rendering epic. Our post-production professionals are expertly trained. They can know how to draw out the narrative in any raw footage. Our service is a powerful tool to elevate your project to the next level and create show-stopping content that will be super popular on social platforms like facebook, instagram and snapchat.

Motion Graphics service

Our Motion Graphics artist can add magic to your humdrum video footage. Our Motion Graphics service can be a powerful element in creating an eye catching video throughout the post production process. We can provide video editing before using motion graphics as a solution to fill in gaps in the story or to elevate the style, energy and dynamics of the video so it stands out amongst the crowd.  

We are often approached by companies. They require a professional post-production solution. They’ve shot a bunch of video, and it’s just sitting in hard drives on the shelf. They feel like there’s too much footage to go through. It’s too unorganised so they don’t know where to start. Our team of professionals can catalogue the footage, sync sound and put it all in to an easy to use sequence which can be played back and selections can be made. We can then expertly edit the footage into an exciting video. It will stop people doing what they are doing and compels them to watch until the end.  

As a company, Our post-production and editing service we also provide all manner of professional CG and compositing services. Our visual effects artists and compositors are experts that create seamless effects that can wow your audience and impress your clients.

Getting post production right is crucial to the success of any professionally produced video. It’s important to keep all the footage organised, documented, well catalogued and easily accessible, so the project can be elevated to high level. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you find a solution for all your post-production needs.