Stanley & Morph is the best provider of Corporate Video production Melbourne. Stanley & Morph is a full service, end to end video production agency located in Melbourne & Sydney. We create award winning video production Melbourne, visually engaging, professional and unique content for television, online and social media.

We’re here to assist brands truly focus on what it is they want to say. We know this can be tough, but we also know

that there’s a reason you got into this game in the first place – and that’s where the story starts. It may have been because you were more passionate than everybody else, or you worked harder or because your product was more efficient, or more adept, or simply, better. We’re here to distill that message and help you get it out.

We’re a leading providers of video production Melbourne & Sydney.

At Stanley & Morph, we help brands tell their own compelling stories in a way that will excite and engage their target audience. Stanley & Morph is a leading professional video production agency with offices in both Melbourne and Sydney. Our goal to use film and video to move people on an emotional level. So we create content that will resonate with audiences and leave a lasting effect. Whether your story is an pertinent political message or an amusing marketing endeavour. We can take any brief you may have and deliver an exciting, innovative and affordable solution.

We’re experts at creating motion pictures in both animation and live action. Whether it is for online, social media, video streaming, film or television. We’re well resourced and use the best practices. We can help will all aspects of creation from the embryonic level of brainstorming, through scripting and storyboarding, planning and production, post production and visual effects. We’re here to create something magical that’ll give a professional voice to your message.

As leading video and film experts in Melbourne and Sydney we have a broad network of professional craftspeople and technicians across Southern Australia . Collectively our company comprises of over 60 years of professional and expert experience in television and video production company industries. We regularly work with advertising and digital agency creatives, to deliver expert professional content. Whether you need a promotional video for your brand, or a corporate video for your company, or a video covering an important event. We are here to assist you achieve your goals!

Video marketing – a must have.

The last decade has brought about a revolution in the ways brands communicate with their consumers. Video is fast becoming the most widely used communication medium on the web. Around 72% of businesses say video has increase their conversion rate, and moving forward the prediction is that in around two years, 82% of all traffic on the Internet will be video. Customers will rarely share a blog post but great video adverts have gone viral time and time again.

It’s important to know that Google will be more than 53 times more likely to show site page first if there is embedded video on your site. And 83% of businesses report that video provides a good return on investment. Professional video is a great way to reach a new audience, or provide valuable information. It is an outstanding tool in creating conversions.

It’s no secret that well crafted video, really is one of the most efficient ways to connect your particular brand to an audience. It’s little wonder why consumers love it. A well crafted video immediately engaging, can create empathy in mere moments and it’s super easy to consume. Utilizing platforms like Instagram, Facebook video, Snapchat and Youtube are all excellent way to specifically target and communicate with your potential customers. At Stanley & Morph, we have worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands, including Coca Cola, Kmart, Slurpee, Dulux, ANZ and Australia Post to deliver exceptional promotional video production services whilst creating engaging content. We can create online video posts utilizing both animation and live action video production. Expertly incorporating engaging animation with live action is another great way to delight an audience – particularly on social media.

Corporate Video Production.

Corporate video production Melbourne is another professional service we offer. Often, corporate video is a powerful way to communicate with your clients or staff. Offering either training, information or creating a company story which helps share ethos and build comradery. At Stanley & Morph, we work with Melbourne’s best videographers, cinematographers and photographers to bring your company’s vision to life and help tell your corporate story in a memorable, engaging video.

Documentary video production Melbourne & Video Marketing

Documentary style video production Melbourne is a strategic way to ensure that your message is being delivered compassionately and thoughtfully. It’s the perfect style for creating strong connection. It allows brands and businesses to communicate in a stripped back, bare all, ultimately human way. It can set up understanding between not only different communities and cultures but also ideas, attitudes and alternative ways of thinking. Our documentary film and production service enables our clients to express their point of view eloquently, professionally and gracefully.

We can cater to any and all of your professional video production needs. Our Company provides expert solutions for corporate, promotional, documentary, advertising, TVC, real estate video, social media ads and 360˚ video production.